Caliber – .408CT

Extended 54.5in / 138.4cm

Collapsed 48in / 121.9cm

Weight – 26 lbs / 11.79kg

Barrel – 29 inches / 76.2cm

Twist rate – 1:13 twist

Rail Length – 10in / 25.4cm*

Long Range Accuracy- Sub MOA

What You Get

The THOR M408 is so accurate and powerful that it is ideal in any “close encounter” type environment involving acts of terrorism such as hijackings, kidnappings, hostage situations, the seizing of strategic targets such as nuclear powerplants, etc. The THOR system is designed to punch through any type material be it steel, glass, windscreens of airplanes, doors, car engines, etc…close up and long range.

*Extended Rail Available for forward mounted optical devices

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